HARRADYNAMICS defines its Facility Management services as the integrated management of multiple and interdisciplinary technologies, personnel, systems, and processes. HARRADYNAMICS Facility Management services aim to promote an efficient and collaborative environment in order to fulfill our clients key objectives in the most cost effective manner possible.

HARRADYNAMICS Facility Management skills and competencies include a range of interdisciplinary fields such as communication, business, finance, technology, maintenance, and project management. Our administration and maintenance services are provided across a number of industries and sectors including civic and commercial buildings, office blocks, entertainment facilities, schools and universities, sporting complexes, convention centers, shopping complexes, hospitals, hotels, and site based mining facilities.

HARRADYNAMICS Facility Management services complement our clients non-core business activities that allow buildings, amenities, facilities, and precincts to operate cost effectively. Our services include monitoring, planning, managing, operating, and maintaining general plant and equipment, HVAC, water treatment and pumping stations, fire fighting systems, camps, power supply systems, and a range of other facilities not typically managed or maintained by owners.

HARRADYNAMICS applies its Facility Management skills, as a turn-key service, in the provision of a wide range of interdisciplinary skills across traditionally separate disciplinary lines that our competitors fail to understand and manage to a clients schedule, budget, or quality expectations. We focus on our clients goals and objectives to ensure we deliver every time.

Urban, Civic, Precinct Development, Industrial, Transport, Utilities, Resources, Mining