HARRADYNAMICS project administration team have the skills and track record to support our clients projects from the initial planning phases through to construction, commissioning, hand-over, and warranty periods.

HARRADYNAMICS project administrators are specialists in their fields who coordinate all day-to-day activities on behalf of the project manager or project director. Our project administrators are also project controls professionals with skills in project planning, scheduling, approvals management, design deliverables management, cost control, document control, accounts receivable & payable, tendering and procurement, contracts administration, quality assurance, industrial relations planning & management, safety & environmental planning and management, and report writing.

HARRADYNAMICS project administrators oversee all of these elements to ensure a successful process with low risk project outcomes.

Our project administrators have a reputation as leaders in the way we implement and track project performance and provide ongoing feedback to project management. HARRADYNAMICS performance tracking systems and skills enables our clients project managers to assess any project’s status and make course corrections or adjustments before it becomes too late to change outcomes.

HARRADYNAMICS project administrators always bring the right communication skills and solutions to every project we work on. Our planning-facilitating-analysing-reporting cycle quickly identifies road blocks and hurdles that would otherwise go unchecked.

HARRADYNAMICS take great pride in our communication and reporting skills and in the thorough manner in which we assist our clients meet their objectives and goals.

To find out how HARRADYNAMICS can assist in the definition and delivery of your project contact us on +61 7 3162 9384 or via our online form.