HARRADYNAMICS provides independent & objective advice for Clients undertaking Commercial & Civic Developments. Learn more about how Harradynamics can assist your developments from Project Definition through Construction to Completion and Handover.

commercial & civic

HARRADYNAMICS Commercial and Civil Developer clients engage our services to provide oversight and management of the design and document phases of their projects and to ensure third party consultants, engineers, and architects deliver the brief without scope creep and without cost or schedule overruns. Our clients expect us to deliver fully engineered and documented outcomes to reduce procurement and contractual exposure in the supply and construction phases of their projects. HARRADYNAMICS has a long established track record in the industry in protecting our clients commercial interests and in the delivery of superior project outcomes in the built environment.

Our services include the establishment of commercially robust procurement systems through to the administration of all claims and payment processes to ensure contracted parties and suppliers deliver on time and to all agreed terms and conditions.

HARRADYNAMICS project control systems use a variety of proprietary scheduling, cost control, claims management, quality management, safety management, and environmental management procedures along with integrated software and reporting systems. Our highly trained and experienced project controls personnel are able to deliver large and complex developments, that have multiple stakeholder interests, in a manner that exceeds our clients expectations.

To find out how HARRADYNAMICS can assist in the definition, design and construction of your Commercial or Civic Development, contact us on +61 7 3162 9384 or via our online form.