HARRADYNAMICS staff have for nearly four decades provided a range of Contract and Commercial Evaluations for our clients across multiple sectors and jurisdictions. HARRADYNAMICS regularly assist our clients understand both technical and financial aspects of complex projects along with the Contract or Commercial risks associated with those projects. HARRADYNAMICS use a range of in-house systems and tools to pick apart construction contracts and thereafter analyse commercial exposures for our clients so that risk mitigation strategies can be implemented as early as possible. Our services are often applied across multiple sectors including mining, mineral processing, chemicals, petrochemicals, oil & gas, power, industrial, manufacturing, commercial, road, rail, and port infrastructure.

HARRADYNAMICS provide a range of Contract and Commercial valuations for asset owners, construction contractors, developers, investors, banks, joint venture partners, financial institutions and vendors who all seek to define and manage project execution risks. Our analysis is often relied upon for project financing purposes, company acquisitions & divestments, independent valuations, taxation, restructuring, M&A, litigation, and a variety of dispute resolution processes.

HARRADYNAMICS regularly review construction contracts that are based upon a variety of Australian Standards (AS4902, AS4910, AS4911, AS4300, AS2124, AS4000, ABIC), those produced by the Master Builders Association, and various International Standards such as FIDIC. HARRADYNAMICS also provide contract reviews and analysis for various State and Federal Government Standard Contract forms (including those used by the ADF), and advice on the application and adjudication of the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act (BCIPA).

To find out how HARRADYNAMICS Contract & Commercial Evaluations can be cost effectively applied to your project or investment, contact us on +61 7 3162 9384 or via our online form.