HARRADYNAMICS’s team of qualified and highly experienced project managers, contract administrators, construction experts, contract administrators, safety managers, and project controls professionals provide proactive superintendence or act as the Superintendents Representative on behalf of Lenders and Owners.

HARRADYNAMICS staff have project and construction managed mining and mineral projects worth more than US$3.4 billion as well designed and constructed beneficiation and process plants for iron ore, coal, molybdenum, bauxite, copper, zinc, and mineral sands mining operations.

HARRADYNAMICS have the skills, resources, systems, and experiences to provide Lenders Engineers, Owners Engineers, Banks Superintendents, and Principal Contractors Representatives across the mining, mineral processing, chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, power, industrial, manufacturing, commercial, road, rail, and port infrastructure sectors. HARRADYANMICS regularly act for lenders and financiers in the draw down of project funds and debt facilities to ensure loan covenants are adhered to without waver.

Lenders Engineer and Superintendent

HARRADYNAMICS independence and reputation for getting results sets us apart from our peers. We do not represent third party interests or undertake any assignment without proper process and probity measures that ensure our clients interests are always protected.

To find out how HARRADYNAMICS Project Delivery, Lenders Engineer, and Superintending services can be cost effectively applied to your project or investment, contact us on +61 7 3162 9384 or via our online form.