HARRADYNAMICS provides operational and maintenance audit services for our clients who seek to understand the most cost effective ways to reduce costs, improve plant reliability, or increase plant or process capacity.

HARRADYNAMICS staff have for more than 30 years applied our skills and services to reducing plant operating costs, increasing plant utilisation, and improving process recoveries and yields across a number of industries and sectors.

HARRADYNAMICS understands our clients desire to reduce operational costs, improve margins, and to reduce plant and process operating risks. Our clients understand there is always a better way to run their businesses and operations via the application of HARRADYNAMICS process and operational audit techniques and tools. Our industry skills and benchmarking knowledge allow for a targeted approach to finding potential cost savings and improved operating margins without wasting time and effort looking for sub-optimal solutions.

Operational Audits

HARRADYNAMICS have the skills, resources, and experiences to provide a full range of Operating Audit services across the mining, mineral processing, chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, power, industrial, manufacturing, commercial, road, rail, and port infrastructure sectors. Our services are often applied under a no-gain no-pay policy to ensure that our clients receive tangible and meaningful outcomes.

HARRADYNAMICS services also provide project developers, property developers, infrastructure managers, facility managers, and other stakeholders with independent operational assessments to ensure that the basis for all investments are achievable and robust under a range of operating conditions and revenue projections. We understand the need to apply our skills thoroughly and diligently so that the full benefit of our investigations and analysis guides our clients towards well informed and low risk decisions. We have built our reputation on achieving this purpose.

To find out how HARRADYNAMICS Independent Operational Audits can be cost effectively applied to your project or investment, contact us on +61 7 3162 9384 or via our online form.