HARRADYNAMICS provide our clients with Project and Construction Management resources, systems, and services to suit their projects scope of work, contractual delivery framework, and to Workplace Industrial relations Agreements that best suit the work environment and sector. Our Workplace IR Agreement managers come with major project design and construction experience across similar projects in the same industry or sector and are fully aware of the types of agreements that should not raise concerns for employers, employees, various Unions, or the Fair Work Commission.

HARRADYNAMICS have considerable domain knowledge of various Collective Agreements (both Unionised and Non-Unionised) as they apply to the fabrication, erection, and construction industry. HARRADYNAMICS often provides advice and support to our clients in the management and implementation of construction site Collective Agreements to ensure they are fair, applied equally, and consistent with the Fair Work Act.

workplace IR agreements

HARRADYNAMICS Project & Construction Managers have established excellent working relationships with the major construction Unions as well as a range of peak employer and industry groups. Through those relationships and experiences on major projects we are able to provide sound advice and expert opinion on a number of potential IR agreements across several sectors and industries. Our site management and risk mitigation procedures, safety and environmental management systems, and contract administration processes ensure construction sites are managed in a fashion that does not give rise to IR unrest or disputes.

HARRADYNAMICS have developed a range of plans, procedures and tools that integrate schedules, cost estimates, procurement plans, safety procedures, and contract administration methods to ensure project owners have sound and robust systems in place before the projects implementation phase commences. Once site construction activity commences HARRADYNAMICS has the tools, systems, and key personnel to assist our clients achieve on-time and on-budget outcomes.

HARRADYNAMICS staff have project and construction managed projects worth more than US$3.4 billion as well designed and constructed more than 185 projects over the last 40 years on time and on budget as testimony to the experience and knowledge of our Project and Construction managers.

To find out how HARRADYNAMICS Construction Management and Workplace IR Agreement services can be applied to your project, contact us on +61 7 3162 9384 or via our online form.